Sunday, October 18, 2009

Voting. Different values for different people (Lab #10, varient 2.05)

So, Sumner and I went to the Hanes Mall initially with the idea of posing two questions to people: how much would you sell your vote for, and how much would you pay for your vote to count double? We initially began by putting this plan into action, however, we soon noticed an interesting tendency: almost everyone was saying that they would not sell their vote for anything. A few said they would pay to have their vote count twice, but not many. This caused us to reconsider how we would do this lab. In the past, kids at school have said that they would sell their vote, even if it was for somewhat to extremely large sums. However, it seems that the average American, one who has lived a little longer, is far less willing to part with their votes. Out of the people we talked to at the Mall, 86% said that they would not sell their vote. In contrast, the vast majority of NCSAers are willing to part with their permanant right to vote (if they are set for life financially, of course). A few poor souls, all of them younger, also offered to give their vote away for free (could this tie into a lab on how many Americans trust the System?).
In other news, the high bid to pay for a vote to count double was $25. Most people said that they would not pay to have their vote count twice, as that would be unfair (more trust, anyone?)

This is where we went...

...and these are the type of people we talked to.

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  1. really nice lab like alot of others but it was unique which made it really nice